Improve your display ad campaign performance with the FreakOut Native Ad Network!

Users will interact with your ads more.

The FreakOut platform will send good traffic to your brand page – these are users that truly clicked on the ad (no wrong clicks) and are interested in what you want to communicate.

Clicks that come from Native Ads tend to have lower bounce rates compared to other traffic sources.

Why FreakOut Native?


Native ads have high viewability rates because users don’t speed-scroll through them (unlike regular display ads).

To get those Non-Clickers to click

90% of people online don’t click regular display ads. But they click Native Ads.

Low bounce rates

Bounce rates after users get to your brand page is just half of regular display ad bounce rates. This is because there are less wrong clicks.

Maximize your marketing ROI with the FreakOut Native Ad Network!

The New Style Ad Network focus on SmartPhone

Sign up to the FreakOut Native platform and create display ad campaigns the native way.

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