The First Native Ad Network in Southeast Asia.

A New Style Ad Network Focused on Smartphones

FreakOut Native Ad Network

"FreakOut Native" is an Ad Network focusing on smartphone in-feed style Native Ads.
A good majority of Internet audience is now Mobile and a smartphone is the most common device to access the web. With User Experience being part of almost all key performance metrics, it’s important that the mobile experience is optimized and preserved.
“FreakOut Native” display ads use similar layout that matches the website or app that they appear in. Our display ads are mobile-friendly and never annoying, a big deal especially when compared with traditional banner ads.

Our Native Ads are similar to that of Facebook and Twitter’s own Native Ads which are displayed within the content. “FreakOut Native” ads fit the look and feel of the publisher’s website or app, perfectly blending with its environment.
Both Publishers and Advertisers should benefit from mobile traffic without sacrificing user experience.


Hike ads are adaptable to a variety of formats

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